English – please…

I’ve recognised that some of my english- speaking friends have liked my latest postings and i felt like I owe you an english version as well. I won’t translate all into english- only a little summary. You might think now- „OH no, now we actually have to really read, what she’s writing“- and yes, you are right! 🙂 

Since I’ve never really lived in a native – speaking english country and all my english skills are based on what I’ve learned at my school until I was 18, I hope, you forgive me my grammar or other mistakes. I’ll do my very best.

I could now start to rewrite all my Blog- Posts that I’ve written this far, in English- but no worries, I won’ t go that far!! 

To sum it up: I’m currently jobless, homeless (well, I live with my parents, but since I’m 33 that’s pretty much the same to me) and boyfriend-less (this word might not exist, so it’s : SINGLE)

I quit my job as a primary school teacher in order to follow my dreams and become a famous writer 🙂 As you see, I’m almost there.

This Blog is more or less only about me, me, me. My opinion on things, my emotions (every now and then), my view on the world. I don’t write regularly, only if I feel like it and there’s no certain topic about what I write, besides me (as I might have mentioned). Don’ worry, if I ever published a book, it would be about something else- but I thought, since I’ve never been a very „I share my life in social media“ kind of person- it’s a good practise and self therapy to go out and open myself in this kind of way in order to get recognised. 

But enough about my actual reasons – I now will come to the point of todays posting. 

I talked about a date that i once had- yes, sometimes i share my date experiences here, so better be nice, guys 😉 

The guy told me straight to my face: „Women are like flowers, once they’ve blossomed (in their 20s), they begin to die (in their 30s)- but lucky you, you are still in a pretty good shape.“(he added) – Yep, I know, what you think now:

Lucky me, I’m still not one of those dying flowers. Puuuhh… how am I glad, I might still have 1 or maybe even 2 years before I’m absolutely off the market. 🙂

Honestly- I wished, I had had clear words for that particular man, but I was so perplex about this outcome of his mouth that I simply smiled, sipped on my wine and thought to myself: DISQUALIFIED.

On another date a guy once told me that he likes about me that I’m not one of these super desperate 30 year old women who have the urgent need for children. Yep- you might now understand why I’m still single- I haven’t had the very best choice when it comes to my dates yet. 

I’m not a super extreme feminist fighter, although I think, it should be absolutely normal that women and men are treated equally when it comes to payment, pension and so on- but I have to speak up for all the „desperate“ women out there. First of all- they are not only women- they are above all humans. Isn’t it very human to have the wish for a partnership, to found a family, to settle down? Wouldn’t you be a little desperate if you knew, you only had a few more years to do that and the guys only see you as a dying flower? 

I personally am not desperate for children or so, although I want all this as well- but if it doesn’t happen- a dog will do it instead- and yes, I am not desperate for love yet either, because I’m sooo busy with creating my life right now that I don’t have this much time to even think about it, but I understand all the humans out there who are. There’s nothing wrong with it. 

Nowadays we are so much focused on being super cool, not vulnerable, not desperately showing that we want a partner by our side that we forget how to open up and let someone get close. (Me included here)

But love means in the end: to want the best for each other and do all you can, to make each other happy- if that’s the case, there’s no need for  building walls. 

However, I’m slightly missing the point now. 

In the end- I wish for all these dying flowers out-there, a real strong, sensitive and good guy/girl to come their way along who can handle it and maybe give enough love and understanding for these flowers to blossom again. 

This is it for today. My heart goes out to the women and men who have their hearts on the right spot. Cheers, Vera. 🙂

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